ArcLight believes in a fundamentals driven, real asset strategy focused on a) Decarbonization b) Electrification c) Reliability and d) Sustainability

As evidenced by our history, we value infrastructure that we believe is critical to securing a clean and sustainable future.

Power Infrastructure

Low carbon electric power generation, grid and transmission-related assets.

Since 2001, we have invested over $6 billion in 46 power infrastructure investments representing 60 gross GW of power.

ArcLight believes that electrification will drive significant growth in power demand over the coming decades, requiring substantial investment across low carbon power and related transmission, distribution and grid infrastructure.

We believe that power demand could grow by about 300% through 2050, whereas recent historical demand growth has been relatively flat, representing a systemic change to how electricity is generated and consumed.

Renewable Infrastructure

Operating wind, solar, hydroelectric and storage.

Since 2001, we have invested over $4 billion in 10 renewable infrastructure investments, across wind, solar and hydro, representing 9 gross GW of power.

Given the significant growth in renewables over the last decade and the relatively nascent state of the sector that followed, ArcLight believes that a significant and growing aging fleet of renewable resources, specifically wind and solar, will require active (vs. passive) ownership and operating resources to address operating deficiencies, repowering opportunities and potential expansion opportunities.

Strategic Gas Infrastructure

Transmission, storage, and export, including natural gas, LNG, CO2 and hydrogen.

Our investment in strategic gas infrastructure has been highly complementary to our participation in the power infrastructure and renewables markets, given the critical role that we believe natural gas has played and will continue to play in decarbonizing the power sector and supporting the growth of intermittent, non-dispatchable renewable resources.

Today, this infrastructure facilitates lower carbon power generation, provides grid reliability, and supports renewable power development.

Tomorrow, we believe this infrastructure will be used to store and transport the lower carbon fuels of the future – such as renewable natural gas, hydrogen and support carbon sequestration.

Transformative Infrastructure

Battery storage, Electric Vehicle (“EV”) charging, advanced mobility, digital infrastructure, sustainable fuels, and grid edge applications.

ArcLight has been active in leveraging our power and renewable infrastructure expertise to be an early mover in providing real asset and infrastructure solutions to transformative infrastructure opportunities, including battery storage and electrified transport solutions.

We believe that our ability to continue to anticipate and take advantage of changes in the energy industry, including most recently the passage of the landmark Inflation Reduction Act, is a direct result of our institutional approach and the depth of our expertise in critical infrastructure markets.

Opportunistic Infrastructure

Opportunistic investments related to sustainable infrastructure and ArcLight’s historical investment experience.

We selectively acquire and manage these assets in a responsible manner as they reach the end of their useful lives. We are a leader in repurposing and repositioning fossil-related midstream and downstream assets to support an important shift to renewable fuel sources.